CeOne-Traffic Monitoring Service (TMS)

Your Reliable Network Traffic Analyzer

As a Network Professional your responsibility is to make sure that your network is up and stable all times. Hence to keep eyes on the network bandwidth usage by different machines attached to your LAN, so that you can limit or take appropriate actions against the users who are excessively using network resources.

CeOne-Traffic Monitoring Service (TMS) provides robust and encompassing online monitoring platform for enterprises to observe real-time network behavior and the network’s overall condition anytime. Network professional can have an in-depth visibility on corporate network usage, not only bandwidth, but also applications and users. Whether enterprises need 7 × 24 uptime monitoring, detailed analysis report, early detection of problems and prompt alert – TMS is the answer!

How CeOne-Traffic Monitoring Service can help you?

  • Identifying Top Talkers and Conversations
  • Projecting Traffic Trends and Usage Patterns
  • Defining Applications to Recognize Specific Traffic
  • Improving Accuracy of Resources Allocation
  • Automated Report Generation and Distribution
  • Immediate Alerting
  • Recognizing 100+ Application Protocols

  • 24x7 Monitoring - TMS provides users round-the-clock network management platform; users can monitor their comprehensive network health anytime, anywhere via Internet.
  • 24x7 Alerting - Users can customize their alert conditions, and email will send to customer’s specified email immediately as a reminder
  • Manageability - TMS throws light on how business services are impacted by an issue, thereby helping take a priority based management scenario
  • Flexibility - TMS allows users to generate their own customize report on daily, weekly or monthly
  • Visually track network performance in a minute
  • Real-time network behavior and overall condition analysis in-depth
  • Customized reports with specific requirements
  • Trend analysis for network capacity planning
  • Avoid any rogue network applications or malicious activity by immediate alerting
  • No extra CAPEX
  • User-friendly web-based portal
  • Intelligent network alerting