Speedy Provision Private Network with IPSec Encryption

CeOne-CONNECT EXPRESS is a network-based IP Private Network service that offers secure connection between multiple client sites over existing Internet connections and China Entercom MPLS backbone at an affordable price.

With CeOne-CONNECT EXPRESS, you can enjoy the benefits of high-performance, secure private network as well as the flexibility, scalability, redundancy and lower costs offered by local Internet access, as an alternative to dedicated local leased connections. It is a carrier grade backbone to enhance business communications efficiency, which in turn helps you create new business opportunities in today’s competitive markets.

CeOne-CONNECT EXPRESS Network Diagram


  • “One Region, One Network” Solution
  • Fully Meshed Topology
  • Reliable, Resilient, High Quality and Cost-effective
  • Utilization of existing Internet connection to speed up deployment
  • Network security with IPSec encryption
  • Highly scalable
  • 7 × 24 Network Management
  • Companies with two or more offices in China
  • Companies which would like to build up close and flexible network communications between offices
  • Companies without an existing WAN network, but with many remote sites that require a meshed network
  • Companies which value security, cost-effective and efficient operations
  • Quick Deployment