Delivering a New Equilibrium in Performance and Efficiency

Gain more from SmartCLOUD and establish the perfect balance in business success. SmartCLOUD TAB (Traffic and Application Balancer) is a revolutionary new way to achieve equilibrium in application performance and efficiency. Beyond just a basic load balancer, SmartCLOUD TAB intelligently manages application execution across the highly robust SmartCLOUD infrastructure to deliver superior service scalability, high availability, disaster recovery, application performance and customization.

Historically, these benefits of a full-featured load balancing solution were only available with highly complex and expensive infrastructure. Thanks to SmartCLOUD TAB, these powerful advantages are now immediately available via a Cloud-based subscription to all enterprise customers demanding the ultimate in application performance and reliability.

Comprehensive Load Balancing Solution Optimizes Applications Performance and Reliability

SmartCLOUD TAB goes beyond the High Availability features enjoyed by the reliable SmartCLOUD infrastructure, and optimizes application-layer execution across distributed architecture. LSLB optimizes execution across a server farm in the same location, and GSLB optimizes service uptime across geographically separated servers. A full set of algorithms for each Load Balancing mode allows perfect customization to needs.


  • Higher performance and reliability. In standardized testing, SmartCLOUD TAB achieves on average triple the performance (3X) in TCP/SSL processing, fourfold (4X) Web content optimization and boosts 50% throughput of application servers.
  • No up-front capital costs or high operational overhead. Its simple pricing structure and monthly flat fee keeps OPEX low, and frees up businesses to focus on their core competencies.
  • No burdensome technical expertise is required and it is fully managed 24x7 by experienced CITIC Telecom CPC professionals.
  • Gain higher end-user satisfaction from more responsive Web applications.
  • Obtain better returns on investment from more efficient bandwidth utilization.
  • One-stop performance booster which accelerates page loading times by up to 4X, increases server efficiency by up to 3X and boosts up the application servers throughput by up to 50%.
  • CITIC Telecom CPC operates six cloud services centers in the Asia Pacific region, providing full support to cater enterprises regional needs.
  • SmartCLOUD solutions can complement with the company’s MPLS Private Network and managed security services to facilitate the deployment of the cloud solutions.