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Social Recruitment

The personal data collected by hr@china-entercom.net will be used by China Entercom to assess your suitability to assume the job duties of the position for which you have applied. It is our policy to retain the personal data of unsuccessful applicants for future recruitment purposes for 90 days.

We offer 5 days work, good career prospects, competitive remuneration and benefits package. Please send your full resume with salary expectation to hr@china-entercom.net

Technical Support Engineer Guangzhou

Key Responsibilities:

1.Deal with the IP phone, cisco router and firewall configuration failure events quickly and reported the failure.

2.Provide technical failure solutions, communicate with network operation and maintenance department and engineering department in time, and cooperatively deal with and solve the problems, and ensure that the upgrade failure is tracked and dealt with.

3.Communicate with customers as soon as possible, make a feedback of faults, and remotely assist and guide customers to solve problems together.

4.Analyze related product failures and provide Suggestions to improve product service quality.

Job Requirements:

1.More than 1 year technical support experience in IT communication industry. Fresh graduate is acceptable.

2.CCNA/CCNP certificate holder is preferred.

3.Familiar with PABX, IP phone, cisco router and firewall configuration.

4.Good service awareness and problem solving skills.

5.Excellent analytical and communication skills.

6.Good command of English, Cantonese and Mandarin.

7.Work shifts is required.

Java Programmer Guangzhou

Key Responsibilities:

1.Familiar with the company's existing products, the business operation process, the design principle and use of existing application system.

2.Manage the existing application system to ensure its normal operation and provide necessary patches or optimizations.

3.Cooperate with manufacturers or suppliers to provide technical support, use test or redevelopment for the application system used by internal users.

4.Proactively understand the needs of internal users, complete the user demand analysis, and develop the system development plan.

5.In the process of system development, communicate with users regularly to find the optimal solution to achieve the goal, and adjust the arrangement of development projects.

6. Ensure that the system development project can be completed on time with good quality.

7. Prepare operating instructions and design documents of the application system, organize users to participate in the application system training and provide necessary assessment.

8. Summarize data, form reports and report to superiors regularly.

Job Requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in computer, software engineering or related major is preferred.

2.Familiar with web-based program development knowledge and certain development experience, including familiar with Java/J2EE, XML, PHP, Perl, MySQL, SQL server, Oracle, etc.

3.Understand the principle of "object-oriented design". Good at analyzing and reflecting network condition through report form.

4.Proactive, good at finding, thinking and solving problems, strong ability to work independently.

5.Good at cooperating with others, good communication skills, strong writing and speaking skills.

6.Able to quickly get familiar with company business processes.

Java / .NET Developer Guangzhou

Key Responsibilities:

1.Responsible for system demand analysis, system functional framework and business rule design.

2.Cooperate with system suppliers to develop and implement the application system and complete the assigned project before the deadline.

3.Participated in the design and construction of the system environment.

4.Participated in the preparation and review of relevant documents, records and specifications, formulate document format and make design and development documents.

5.Responsible for system debugging, commissioning, implementation and maintenance, and provide support for the users.

Job Requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above, priority to any majors related to computer science.

2.At least 4 years of software development experience in communication industry, have experience on any projects related to internet of things.

3.Familiar with Java, .NET, Web Technologies, SSQL, it is better if knowing ASP.NET, Oracle, Crystal Report.

4.Need Knowledge of neural network theory, principles of CNN, RNN, LSTM, etc. Experience in Caffe, Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch.

5.Good teamwork spirit and learning ability.

6.Good English reading and writing skills.

Technical Support(English & Cantonese) Guangzhou

Key Responsibilities:

1.Handled customer consulting and complaint calls according to working procedures and guidelines.

2.Require ability to effectively reduce customer dissatisfaction and protect the benefits of the company

3.Upgrade serious faults as soon as possible.

4.Manage and ensure the normal operation of customer services.

5.Remotely guide customers and engineers to solve problems and coordinate internal team to solve customer problems.

Job Requirements:

1.College degree or above, any majors in English, computer science, network are preferred.

2.Pure Cantonese and good English communication skills.

3.Good at communicating with others, meticulous and sincere.

4.Responsive, responsible and have team spirit.

5.Good customer service awareness and skills, customer service experience preferred.

6.Work in shifts, about 3-5 night shifts a month.

Product documentation engineer Guangzhou

Key Responsibilities:

1.Analyze product market analysis, assisted in the design and development of cloud computing, information security and other IT service products.

2.Write product documents, contract terms, product operation and support procedures, product training materials, etc. 

3.Design and optimize the internal system and workflow related to products.

4.Maintain good relations with suppliers and regularly updated the price list. 

5.Obey and implement the company's information security policies, and maintain the company's information and network security assets.

6. Report information security status, disadvantages, events and other information in time according to the process.

Job Requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in computer or information engineering.

2.At least 3 years of IT related product documentation experience, and have experience on project, workflow management or product development.

3.Be sensitive to new trends of IT technology market, and have basic understanding of network, data center, cloud computing and information security technology.

4.Can understand Cantonese, good English reading and writing, cet-6 or above is preferred.

5.Excellent communication and coordination skills, proactive, careful and patient.

Business Solutions Consultant Guangzhou

Key Responsibilities:

1.Responsible for the pre-sales support work related to the network, including product demonstration, scheme design, technical Suggestions, bidding work.

2.Worked closely with the sales team to help make a deal with client.

3.Make appropriate data network solutions according to customers' network security status and needs.

4.Control project management and process, monitor development and implementation.

Job Requirements:

1.Major in network, communication, electronic information, computer science, etc.

2.5 years or above pre-sales support experience in data network and network security.

3.Familiar with the design, production and implementation of network products and technical solutions, as well as the project bidding process.

4.Familiar with network solutions and related products, with professional certificates (such as CCNP, MCSE, CISSP) preferred.

5.Good technical scheme design and project management ability.

6.Good communication skills and customer service awareness, good at building good interpersonal relationships.

7.Good English speaking and writing ability, fluent mandarin and Cantonese, clear expression.

Network Engineer(Night Shift) Guangzhou

Key Responsibilities:

1.Monitor network operation and customer connection status in accordance with workflow and guidelines.

2.Identify and deal with faults.

3.Manage the normal operation and maintenance of apparatus rooms and data centers (IDC) all over the country.

4.Manage and ensure that daily maintenance work is carried out accurately.

5.Find and make the feedback of problems found in daily operation and maintenance

6.Collect and report daily operation and maintenance data.

Job Requirements:

1.College degree or above, major in computer science, communication, business English or English.

2.Good English communication and writing skills.

3.Proactive, responsible and teamwork spirit, Good customer service awareness and skills.

4.Accept the 9 night shift every month.  

5.No technical background is required. Hardworking learners are preferred.

Recruitment Assistant Guangzhou

Key Responsibilities:

1.Independently carry out recruitment work according to recruitment plan, maintain close communication with all departments, and complete recruitment tasks.

2.Selecting suitable candidates, organizing and arranging interviews.

3.Complete salary negotiation, background investigation, employment application, offer notice and follow up the entry of new employees.

4.Maintain and update recruitment channels regularly.

5.Make regular statistics of relevant data.

6.Other tasks assigned by leaders.

Job Requirements:

1.Bachelor degree or above, major in human resource, management or related field is preferred.

2.2 years or above recruitment work experience, technical post and sales post recruitment experience is preferred.

3.Strong communication skills, analytical judgment and coordination ability.

4.Work precisely, strong confidentiality, strong learning ability and adaptability.

5.Good psychological quality and teamwork spirit.

6.Fluent in Cantonese, good English reading and writing ability

7.Human resource management certificate is preferred.

Account Manager Shanghai,Beijing,Hangzhou

Key Responsibilities:

1.According to the consultative project sales model, deeply explore potential customers, develop sales plans and achieve sales targets.

2.Maintain existing customers, feed back the demand of customers in time, and try to develop deeply the demand of existing customers.

3.Completed various sales statements and project analysis reports on time.

4.Follow up project implementation and acceptance, feed back customer experience, and improve customer satisfaction.

5.Collect the detail of market, products and competitors and then analyze, feed back to relevant departments as soon as possible.

6.Participate in various products, ISO and skills training of the company.

Job Requirements:

1.College degree or above, priority to the majors in computer science or network.

2.More than 2 years working experience in IT/ Internet/communication industry, with consulting project sales experience and enterprise customer development experience.

3.Have Knowledge of VPN, IPLC, cloud computing and information security products.

4.Good communication and coordination skills, learning ability, good English users.

5.Highly-motivated, diligent, confident, able to work under pressure.

6.Accept potential fresh graduates.

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