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Our Company

Our motto at China Entercom is "Innovation Never Stops"

About China Entercom

Established in 2000, China Enterprise ICT Solutions Limited ("China Entercom"),a subsidiary of the CITIC Group, is a comprehensive Information and Communication Technology (ICT) solutions provider. Headquartered in Beijing, we serve all scales of enterprise through our multiple points of presence across China, including Shanghai, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Dongguan, Tianjin, Hangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu, Chongqing and other locations.

We possess over a decade of ICT industry experience,supported by our strong reputation, financial and regulatory background, wide network coverage, diversified products and services, as well as world-class infrastructure. We are committed to providing our enterprise customers with reliable and comprehensive one-stop ICT solutions, while ensuring a culture of continuous innovation to anticipate and address our customers’ evolving needs.

Our innovative enterprise ICT solutions are optimized for our customers' globalization and digitization, and encompass a broad services suite including: CeOne-CONNECT - advanced private network services, TrustCSI™ - information security solutions, SmartCLOUD™- high performance cloud computing solutions and DataHOUSE™ - cloud data center services.

These four flagship offerings are fully complementary, and easily integrate and interoperate with an extensive range of value-added management services, backed by our world-class infrastructure comprising nationwide network operations centers, security operations centers and cloud operation centers, with 7x24x365 local support.

We leverage our extensive network coverage, advanced ICT solutions, business expertise,and partnerships with world-class technology vendors,all to help our customers accelerate their digital transformation and facilitates their businesses to boldly stride toward further success.

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Our Vision

China Entercom’s motto "Innovation Never Stops" captures the essence of our corporate vision. We believe that navigating the dynamic ICT market and technological landscape requires a philosophy of continuous innovation, so as to deliver on our promise to both our loyal and new customers of supporting them with powerful, innovative ICT solutions that enable and sustain success.

We are optimized and primed for this exciting new era of innovative Internet services, not only keeping pace but oftentimes anticipating and leading the market to deliver the right solution at the right time for our customers. We provide continuous and strong support for informatization and digital transformation, with industry-leading, customized one-stop solutions spanning consulting, design and deployment, operations and maintenance.

China Entercom helps our customers keep abreast of advanced technology development and seize business opportunities in a dynamic digital market. By successfully adopting accelerated internationalization and digitalization, an increasing number of enterprises are capturing new business opportunities not only by harnessing the advantages of a more rapid business pace, but also opening up to new market potentials by “connecting to the world.”

Recognizing the importance of information interconnectivity as being instrumental to sustaining business success, for China Entercom and our customers, we prioritize investment and development of our telecommunications infrastructure, and have become one of the world’s top ICT service providers with a comprehensive solutions portfolio and extensive network presence to match.

We empower our customers to “Go Global” by taking advantage of our high-quality infrastructure, one-stop solutions and local technical support, to confidently step ahead toward the vision of a "Digital Silk Road: a Window to Business Opportunities" in a stable, reliable, efficient manner.

As the Internet continues to rapidly evolve, we will likewise persist in our vision that “Innovation Never Stops” and diligently apply continuous innovation to our products and services. Our goal is to achieve mutual win-win-win for our customers, partners, and ourselves, together realizing endless possibilities and moving toward bright and sustained success.

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