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Our Company

Our motto at China Entercom is "Innovation Never Stops"

We pride ourselves on having received a number of awards and accreditations in recent years. These awards are a demonstration of our high standards in terms of innovative product technology and customer service. We will maintain our spirit of excellence, and provide products and services that truly meet the needs of our customers.

We will continue to uphold the service philosophy of "Being a customer-centric company that puts people first".


《2023年中国网络安全市场全景图》安全解决方案板块 - 安全访问服务边缘(SASE)


2023-05-31 More

2022年度中国SDN、NFV、网络AI优秀案例”之“创新实践案例(中意人寿SD-WAN 广域网优化项目)

中国通信标准化协会CCSA TC610 SDN/NFV/AI标准与产业推进委员会


中企通信TrustCSI MSS安全托管运营服务荣登安全牛《第十版网络安全行业全景图》


2023-04-21 More






2023-03-17 More


e-works 数字化企业网

2023-03-16 More

2022年度中国智能制造优秀推荐产品—下一代SOC-安全事件综合运维服务(TrustCSI MSS)

e-works 数字化企业网

2023-03-16 More


e-works 数字化企业网

2023-03-16 More



2023-03-13 More

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