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China Entercom, one-stop-shop ICT solutions provider , offers an integrated suite of information security services to multinational companies and business enterprises. Grouped under the name TrustCSI, the services are driven out of Security Operations Centers (SOCs) in Hong Kong and Guangzhou which are certified with ISO9001, ISO20000, ISO27001 and ISO27017.

China Entercom’s SOCs are built on top of the company’s carrier-grade Network Operations Centers (NOCs), equipped with advanced SIEM technology and managed by certified security expertise. Apart from providing professional training, China Entercom crafts necessary security policies, procedures and processes to ensure the highest standards of services delivery.
3-Tier Security Operations Architecture


    • 7 x 24 around-the-clock monitoring services for real-time threat analysis and handling
    • Quick identification of obfuscated attacks before they can do any harm
    • Elimination of false positive through advanced SIEM log correlation and classification technology
    • Increase productivity of IT staff by releasing them from tedious security monitoring tasks
    • Real-time and centralized reporting via the online TrustCSI end-user portals
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