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CeOne-CONNECT Remote

CeOne-CONNECT Remote is the remote access solution for mobile commuters especially the “road warriors”, frequent travelers and satellite office staff to access their corporate network remotely, securely and conveniently. With CeOne-CONNECT Remote, mobile commuters can link securely to their corporate network resources or applications via Internet as if they are accessing their corporate LAN inside their company premises.

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CeOne-CONNECT Remote

Enhanced Identity Authentication with Security Token

One of the most important parts of our commitment is to keep your business information secure. 

China Entercom introduces a token security system to further safeguard your information as you use our CeOne-CONNECT Remote Service. With the two-factor authentication feature, users simply enter User ID and Password as normal login procedure, in addition with the 6-digit token Pass Code.

  • Can be used in conjunction with CeOne-CONNECT Premium & CeOne-CONNECT Express services
  • IPSec or SSL encryption options available
  • Independent of Internet access means: xDSL, wired and wireless technology
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