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Internet Services

How can be a winner at current aggressive competition in your industry? As matter of fact, you have to figure out a secure stable and effective way to access internet, and this is bidirectional way. Acquiring and bulleting info via internet. Consequently ISP sorting is key. China Entercom has good reputation comes from offering high quality service of internet connection. We consolidates the SLA all the way for forging a flexible set that suit for your business, and in business level. 

China Entercom categorize solutions into naming as CeOne-CIA, DataHOUSE Internet Connection, SmartCLOUD Internet Connection, this means we customize solution for different usage scenarios just based on your business.

Internet Services Highlights

Internet Services
  • China Entercom is membership of APNIC and CNNIC, our recource includes the ownership of AS No. and public IP address
  • We offers multi-line BGP upstream Internet with directly access telcom carriers' backbone. Features are high stability and agility with optimal for dynamical route on our BGP solution
  • It is applicable to bandwidth from 1Mbps to 100Mbps and above
  • Lease service includes port,router and IP address
  • Provides web base traffic report on ManagedCONNECT for customer monitoring and evaluating the actual usage of bandwidth
  • Automatic choose the suitable route for your Internet access
  • Quickly respond, lower latency, excellent performance, backup and load-balance options for redundancy and PAYG model
  • Dedicated bandwidth to ensure data transaction with economy charge
  • Matured service model in monthly expenses, more predictable which is good for control operation cost
  • 7*24 network monitoring to ensure stable performance and security network
  • Multilanguage carries out on hotline 
  • Compliance with high quality on communication and network device offerings
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