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To promote healthy culture in the workplace, we have participated in the above competition organized by the Trade Union of CITIC Group and the Staff Basketball Association of CITIC Group. There were altogether 25 teams joining this competition. Our basketball team have actively engaged in the event and showed our strong collaboration and team spirit. All participants have enjoyed a great moment together and strengthened our cross-team bonding. We will continue to promote healthy lifestyle in workplace and let’s come to join us in the future.

To promote the concept of “Go Green”, we have organized a visit to Shanghai Scientific Energy Conservation Museum, which is the largest public exhibition promoting energy saving and low carbon initiatives by using the advanced technology applications. Through this meaningful and interactive visit, we have learnt the new technologies, concepts and tips of energy saving and environmental protection. It could facilitate us to build up an environmental-friendly workplace and culture. We will continue to organize more green activities in the future. Stay tuned!

To strengthen the cross-team communication and collaboration, team building activity has been organized for the staff in Southern China office. All the participants have worked closely together to overcome the challenges in the team competition and performed the Flying Dragon Dancing, which required strong team spirit and collaboration. All staff have enjoyed the activity so much which has inspired their innovative mindset and also strengthened cross-team bonding.

To promote the CSR initiative and contribute to the community, we have co-organized the above activity with Qinggong (Tangxia) Social Work Service Centre, which providing volunteer services in Tianhe District in Guangzhou. We have collected and donated 132 books to the Service Centre. Children in need and the underprivileged in the community could enjoy reading in the reading corner of the center. Our active participation have also strengthened our brand image as a CSR supporter. More CSR activities will be continued to organized in the future. Stay tuned!

To promote green culture and awareness of environmental protection, we have organized the captioned visit to the first municipal solid waste thermal power plant in Guangzhou. We have visited the municipal solid waste incineration process, facilities and models, as well as watched videos to learn more about environmental pollution control and classification of domestic waste. All participants have gained a better understanding of green waste handling and raised their awareness of environmental protection.

We were invited by Shimen Second Road Street Office to participate in the captioned expo. It was a large-scale exhibition to share the latest science and technology to the public, which was guided by China Association for Science and Technology. Through this visit, our staff had a better understanding on the latest innovative products and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, 5G, etc.

To promote the healthy workplace culture and provide a golden opportunity for cross-departmental communication, we have participated in the captioned competition which was organized by Jing'an District Sports Burea, Shimen Second Road Street Office and Jing'an District Sports Federatio. Congratulation to our representatives whom have won the 2nd runner-up in the team competition among 16 teams.

To promote healthy lifestyle in workplace, we have organized a Body Jam sports activity which is a cardio workout combining music and dance. All the participants have gathered and danced together, which have fostered the culture of healthy workplace and strengthened cross-team spirit.

On International Children’s Day 1 June, we have sponsored and organized the captioned event for the underprivileged families with disabled children in Tangxia community. Besides watching movie, stationeries and school bags were also prepared as gifts for those children. In the future, we will continue to promote more social responsibility initiatives in China.

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